Interview with Linda Howe, Feb. 18th, 2024

Talked about jobs Mom has done, including going back to law school at age 51 in Carbondale, IL, passing the bar, and working in elder care. Also talked about love of cooking, and reading.

Life Decisions and What Matters with Carol Cole Kleinman, M.D.

This was an interview by Eleanor “Ellie” Kleinman (age 53) with her mother, Dr. Carol Cole Kleinman (age 78). We spoke about important life decisions, decisions about her career (first as a lawyer and then as a psychiatrist), going to...

Tim Watson and Slade Watson

Tim Watson (57) interviews his father Slade Watson (76) about his childhood and early adult life. Slade is remorseful having not known his parents well and the pair discusses Slade's own parenting through Tim's life.

Alanna Casey and Jenni Lippold

One Small Step partners Alanna Casey (21) and Jenni Lippold (42) discuss balancing careers with motherhood, talking to family about politics, and communicating across differences.

Elizabeth Cooper and Brian Landrum

One Small Step partners Elizabeth Cooper (82) and Brian Landrum (30) discuss their family's origins in the United States, the importance of learning how to write, and what troubles them about how their own "side" communicates.

Carson Honeycutt and Jeb Backe

Carson Honeycutt (36) speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about his transition out of the military into civilian life. Carson recounts the challenges he faced in the first few years after ending his service in the Marine Corps and...