Rachel Manchester and Melody Fawcett

Rachel Manchester shares about her career at Providence foundational is her faith, Start-up program Hospital At Home. happiness is a choice, clinical excellence, passion for living our Mission our true source of power, God, a calling, serving, leaving things better...

Leader Interview – Rick Pieschek

Leader interview with Rick Pieschek, Service Manager at Bobcat Plus. Rick is being recommended for a leadership award.

Tim Link and Lyndia DeShazer

One Small Step conversation partners Tim Link (65) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) talk about their faith and compare what they think is the definition of pro-life. They connect on having strong examples in their mothers and how they focus on...

Quianna Canada and Sheila Connolly

Quianna Canada interviews Cork Alliance Centre CEO, Sheila Connolly, about supporting previously incarcerated people in Cork, Ireland, through her organisation's services. Connolly's motto is "ubuntu," which is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. In my opinion, Connolly leads...

Lynn Utter and Mitch Kreindler

Mitch Kreindler (60) interviews his friend Lynn Utter (60) about her experiences as a UT Austin McCombs School of Business student and alum. They share memories of their time in the Business Honors Program and she shares what she learned...

Tamara Fields and Andrew Vo

Friends and colleagues Tamara Fields (48) and Andrew Vo (48) discuss their shared experiences as current colleagues and alumni of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.

Angelia Barfield and Susan Xiong

One Small Step conversation partners Angelina "Angie" Barfield (50) and Susan Xiong (39) talk about their family backgrounds and upbringing, the importance of education and community, and their frustrations with the current state of politics.

Heather Watkins and Roxann Nammour

Heather, Clinical Nutrition Manager with Providence Infusion and Pharmacy in Eastern WA and Oregon Talks about her not straight path into the role she has at present moment. Alternative nutrition support and how important it is for those who cannot...

William Menke and Thomas Gilbert

Former coworkers William "Bill" Menke (80) and Thomas "Tom" Gilbert (71) remember their time working together at the beginning of the North Country Trail (NCT) and the challenges and wins they both experienced on the job.