Camille Holmes and Andrea Self

Colleagues Camille Holmes (40) and Andrea Self (39) talk about their work with Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM), the impacts of incarceration at the individual and family levels, and the resources necessary for sustainable reentry.

Homelessness Prevention Coalition

Interview with Lucia other the Homelessness Prevention Coalition at the Piñon Project in Cortez, CO. Interview goes over her job and how she serves the homelessness community.

Courtney McSpadden and Zackery Keys

Courtney McSpadden [no age given] talks with Zackary Keys [no age given] about Courtney Creative Chess Club and the programs he runs to encourage learning, self-expression, and access in his community.

Elisabeth Lindsay-Ryan and Suni Kartha

Friends Elisabeth "Biz" Lindsay-Ryan (47) and Suni Kartha (47) talk about their work on the PTA Equity Project in their home community of Evanston, Illinois. They reflect on how they first became aware of the inequities in parent-teacher association (PTA)...

Juana Iris Meza and Ashley Werner

Compañeras de One Small Step Juana Iris Meza (37) y Ashley Werner (36) hablan de sus raíces, el impacto de sus padres en sus vidas y su vocación por la abogacía comunitaria. [One Small Step partners Juana Iris Meza (37)...

Lack of resources for those with special needs

This interview is with my friend Alyssa Larson who has experienced a lack of resources regarding her special needs sister.