Interviu cu bunelu- 01-11-2024

My name is Madalina, I am 22 years old and today I interviewed my grandpa Piotr Mardari. In this interview we discussed topics such as flourishing and what makes “a good life”.

Walton Dunbar and Hebrard Greene

Friends Hebrard Greene Jr. (76) and Walton Dunbar (77) reflect on their unlikely friendship, Walton’s journey as a “recovering racist,” and what they have learned from one another.

Lisa Lambert and Fredrick Richardson

Fredrick Richardson (84) interviews his friend Lisa Lambert (60) about her career as the first African-American assistant city clerk and now city clerk of the city of Mobile.

The Heat of Hardship on the Blade of a Boy with David Perez and Eli Goodman

Eli Goodman (17) talks with his childhood best friend David (17) about the struggles of growing up in poverty without biological parents, and how the pain of his past positively affected his future.

Granny Neely

Brad Harris was interviewed by Jodie Harris about his Granny Neely’s legacy.

Amelia Hansen, Alfred Gemrich, and Donna Keller

Amelia Hansen (59) interviews friends Alfred Gemrich (87) and Donna Keller (54) about their their friendship, their involvement with the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, and the importance of land conservation.

Bob Kuusinen conversation with his son Matt

Bob Kuusinen interviewed by Matt Kuusinen talking about kids, grandkids, and career in June 2023 in Denver.

Melissa Eickhoff and Fred Veitch

Colleagues Melissa Eickhoff (53) and Fred Veitch (73) discuss the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, including the history of the event and the spectator experience.

Meet Decoy Carver, Collector, & Tradition-bearer: Gene Marshall

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Gene Marshall, of Forked River, New Jersey. He discusses his passion for decoy collection, his techniques of carving, his craftsmanship of the working decoy, and his mentor in the field, his father, George Marshall. Photographs...