Paige McLaughlin and Karin McLaughlin

Paige McLaughlin (17) interviews her mother Karin McLaughlin (47) about the past and present of her life. She shares lessons learned, happy memories, difficult memories, and how this has connected to her life today.

Hailey and Maathir November 30, 2023

Me and Maathir are both freshman at UNL. We discussed life, religion, and growth throughout the interview.

Jerry, a Loving Father, Speaks on his Childhood, Family, Household, and Life in America.

In this recording, Jerry Barton (46) is interviewed by his daughter, Gabriela Barton (15). Jerry Barton speaks on jobs he had as a teenager in the Czech Republic before coming to America. He also expresses the amount of impact his...

Interview w my mom

The participants were Liana Serio, age 37 and Kaydence Johnson, age 14. We are mother and daughter and the topics discussed were mostly religion and lessons learned in life.

“Thanksgiving Listen” Interview (11/27)
November 27, 2023 App Interview

In this recording me and my dad talked about his childhood experiences and how they affected him in the future.

Kristy Stephens and Donna Kohut

Kristy Stephens (45) and her mother Donna Kohut (71) talk about the things they are most proud of in themselves and each other.

Chronicles of Ethan Lam

Justin Lam(16) interviews Ethan Lam(19) about his struggles of being an older sibling in the social, familial and academic aspect as well as how his parents' divorce influenced his maturity and the lessons he's learned.

Jackie Burrell and Gerald Cole

Significant others Jackie Burrell [no age given] and Gerald Cole (52) share a conversation about their relationship. Gerald also talks about writing his first book, the advice he would give to his younger self and his daughters, and what he...