“It’s a classic…”

I got to interview my brother, Ashton. We had conversations on his childhood, school systems, parents, funny and scary stories, nicknames, inspirational people, and football.

Christian interviewing Mikayla

I am interviewing my girlfriend Mikayla about random parts of her life

Journey from Cuba.

In this interview, conducted on April 21st 2019 in Orange, CA, Connor tapia (21) interviews his mother, Madelin Tundidor about her childhood experiences as well as the hardships that she has faced in her life. She shared stories of her...

Narrative interview

An interview with my mom about some of the lessons that she taught me, along with her story about moving to a new country.

Narrative Interview

Interview about my dad and his story’s in life

Lessons of Finance

My name is Thomas Collins and i am interviewing my sister about her financial experience.

Sammy Millward and Luke Brechbuhler

I story about a boy breaking his leg and learning life lessons to live by.