Argot Soto

Reymond Woessner interviews Argot Soto on their perspective as a non binary person in PA. They share some unique insight and advice on such topics.

Jerry Albrent and Matthew Haynes

Jerry Albrent (72) interviews his friend Matthew Haynes [no age given], the owner and founder of Club Q, where a mass shooting took place on November 19, 2022. Matthew reflects on how his life journey led him to open a...

college love
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Me and my girlfriend talk about our relationship and what we mean to each other. <3

Identity and Faith: Growing Up Gay in the LDS Church

Tracey Fluegel (55) tells her son Oliver Fluegel-Murray (18) about her young adulthood after growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Going into her struggles in discovering her sexuality and identity while in a culture that...

Hopes and Memories

Rex Rivers (Baehr) and William Trego Vance, Junior (Curadh) talk about their hopes and memories.

Alex Ortiz and Carlos Lopez: An Interview about Being Latino and LGBT.

Alex Ortiz (20) talks to his cousin Carlos Lopez (21) about growing up in a Latino household while struggling to come out to his family about his sexuality. Carlos Lopez (21) has also talked about the issues his family has...

LGBTQ+ Rights Youth Advocacy & Gender Equality

Amari Otto tells her experiences being a gay woman with her family, friends and communities.

Sarna Marcus

Artist Sarna Marcus talks about life, love and the importance of community for LGBTQ people.