The Life of Rosalie Daley

We talked about her life growing up, from childhood to present. We also talked about what it was like growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.

Living In The Shoes Of My Papa

Cadence Lommori talked with her Papa, James Barsanti, about his life story. This interview included stories and information about his childhood jobs, time in the Navy, and his wife and kids.

“Your mom was a month early… and she was little and tiny and really cute!”

Jody (Edna Jo) LaFevers was raised in an old 2 story house with a big front porch in a small town on the Missouri border called Viola. Her mother would make all of her clothes, including her prom dress, so...

The Story of Brian

I talk to my grandfather about his life growing up and what he thinks looking back at it now.

Grandma, friends are family.

Suzanne McIvor comes from a small town. A farm girl, if you will. she grew up in the sixties, marched in a civil rights protest, and was a world traveler. She values kindness, volunteering, and helping people above all else....