interviewing my dad

Some of the life choices my dad made as a child and future bringing.

Ek Aurat Ki Kahani (A Women's Story)

My mother dives into her story about her being an immigrant and explains how Indra Gandhi's Assassination caused her to view her life differently.

Reflecting on Family Heritage

An interview with mom who is reflecting and remembering her past life in Belarus, touching the topics of heritage and how her experiences were shaped by important people in her life.

Interview with mom

A sit down interview with my mother about her job, life, and overall experiences

Laura Honeywood & Mark Wood: "It turned out pretty good, kiddo"

Laura Honeywood (40) talks with her father, Mark Wood (71) about his childhood growing up in the midwest, his parents who met during World War II and the most important lessons in his life.

Past life lessons, new opportunities

On 4/I6/22, in Los Angeles California, Julian Bao(15) interviews his mom Suzie Bao(51) who works in advertising. She talks about her experience with life lessons and how recently her career started moving faster and became a board member of a...

A mom of 40+ girls

After a recommendation from a friend, Moma J becomes a mom of 40+ girls.

Halle Heineman interviews Aarna Patel about her life and memories from when she was young.

Aarna Patel shares some of her most important memories and lessons she has learned in life. She elaborates on her family and why they are so important to her with interviewer Halle Heineman.