speech final draft

I interviewed Jamie about things he has learned in life and things I wanted to learn about him. This gave me a better perspective of the way he views things.

Savannah (white female, 21) interviews coworker, Ryan (Hispanic male, 46)

Coworkers Savannah (21) and Ryan (46) talk about life and looking back on how certain life experiences shape you. I forgot to take a selfie I'm so sad :(

Lukas Wortmann with Karez Hassan 5/2/24

Karez and I talked about her life and how she takes the things she has learned to help students as an advisor.

From the Streets to Sheltering Soals: A Journy of Giving Homes and Hope

Leena (33) found out, how Zubda (45) went from being homeless and sleeping on street to provide home and hopes for others like him.

Service Learning Project Interview

Cousins Meleny and Giovanni discuss the importance of life and how hardships can shape the person you are today.

Comm 405

Interview with Genesis & Nicole about jobs + family + life goals