Interview With My Abuelito

Allison Mitchell (16) interviews her Abuelito Bill Mitchell (73) on his adventures to Mexico, Australia, and Florida. Also talking about his passion for art and music.

jeana roxas 5/21/23 honors english 2 final interview mendez b

jeana roxas, 46, caregiver, beverly hills CA discusses her life in the Philippines and her life now in america, discusses family/ job, life lessons and much more

Ava and Kiera- 5/12/23

Ava Hansen interviews Kiera Irvin discussing differences in their childhood and current lives that have led to where they are and who they are as people today.

Blake and Dekendrick

I interviewed my friend Delendrick, about his childhood, what he was taught and what kind of things he went through so far in his life.

Interview with Tiffany Fonseca

Nina Fonseca, age 18, interviewed her mom, Tiffany Fonseca, 55 years old. The interview was conducted on May 7th, 2023. It took place in Miami, Fl. Nina and Tiffany discussed Tiffany’s life growing up in Kentucky and the life lessons...

Day in the Life of a Former Military Kid : Part One

In this here interview, Melissa Burleigh gives you a quick insight into the life behind a military kid in the United States. The struggles. The hardships. The life lessons learned. All in a quick span, brought to you by Natalya...

Forrest Dixon and Kevin Dixon

Interview between a father and son. Discussed changing times and life.

Donal Godfrey and Leandro Gonzales

Mentor and mentee Fr. Donal Godfrey (64) and Leandro Gonzalez (38) talk about their experiences as openly gay men in the Catholic Church. They reflect on their faith journeys, their lives in San Francisco, and their friendship.

Amy Fields and Jenn Studebaker

Colleagues and friends Amy Fields (48) and Jenn Studebaker (40) discuss their work with Sunshine House, Inc., finding community in West Texas, and their passion for the work they do.

Hey, Dad. Nice to meet ya!
January 29, 2023 App Interview

This conversation was between Tara Richards, 31 years old, daughter, and Phil Daniels, 65 years old, father. We talked about Phil’s childhood, how the sudden loss of his father shaped him, his hopes and dreams, raising 3 children, and so...