Jeremy Ozaeta and Amada Ozaeta

Jeremy Ozaeta (16) and Amada Ozaeta (70) grandson and grandmother discuss the interesting and amazing life of Amada.

Interview: Victor. Y

This is an interview on my brother Victor. I, Nicholas. Y is the one interviewing. It is a total of 25 mins and I hope you enjoy.

Interview with my aunt, Joicy Estevez

I am Natalie Estevez and I interviewed my aunt Joicy Estevez. We spoke about her childhood, moving and being an immigrant, her family, and profession.

18 Years With You

A discussion between a grandmother in her 70’s and her teen granddaughter. Included different discussions on relationship, heritage, and advice. Related to different experiences and opened up on a new level.

A Talk with Mrs. Tyer

a talk with my advisory teacher, Mrs. Tyer. she's been an anchor over my school career and I would not be where I am without her.

Interview of my mom

this interview is between me and my mom Venesha. the topic was about how she grew up.

Interview With Lala Cabrales

In this interview, I take the opportunity to interview my grandmother an get to know more about her life.

Life of Buckey Pearre

Buckey Pearre (near 90s) talks about his life to Hannah Fisher.

The Story of a College Student: From the Beginning to Now

An interview with a college student about his life and upbringing.