Going back to College at 52

Hailey Crowe (19) sat down with her mom, Deanna Crowe (52) and talked about a brief run down of her life and how she went from middle of nowhere Nebraska to downtown Minneapolis. Deanna also talked about her educational journey...

Jacqueline Whitman interview

Chase Whitman interviews Jacqueline Whitman about the hen she was younger.

Interview With Papa Jack

He's 93, and still going strong. The life story of a father, grandfather, husband, engineer, and brother.

English Project

Questions and life advice from Karen Wantland

My grandma’s interview

Basically an interview about my grandma and how far she's lived her life

Margaret Ann Keyworth

Interview with mum after stopping cancer treatment. A review of her life and thoughts on how it has gone. Due to Covid19 and Mum's illness, I, the interviewer, am wearing a face mask so the audio is not the greatest.

“I thought he was stuck up…”

A high school student, Brandon Sechrest, 16, interviews his mother Lee Ann about her life in America and Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Having been born and raised in Connecticut and growing up on the east coast, she talks about...

Priyanka Sarkhel and Munmun Sarkhel

Priyanka Sarkhel (18) talks with her mother, Munmun Sarkhel (46) about her childhood in Kolkata, India and her journey from being a carefree little girl to a woman with many responsibilities on her back with big dreams for the future....