Life story interview of my grandma Gail Johnson

Interviewing my grandma to learn more about her life and the things she has experienced

Interview With Donna
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Tazz (16) interviews his grandmother, Donna (78) (with the occasional pop-in from Roger (81)). Together, they discuss what life was like when she was younger, what brought her husband and her together, the values she has, and her perception of...

The life and times of my grandpa

This is an interview of my grandpa Mike Burch. He had many things to say.

Jerry Burgess

Terin Burgess Coe interviewing her paternal grandfather Jerry Burgess about his life. 11/24/22

Storytelling Assignment

This an interview between myself, Makinzie Saak, and my mother, Kira Saak discussing her life.

October 23, 2022 App Interview

This consists of a 15 minute interview where Havish asks his dad, Ramesh 10 questions about his life and relationships that he has formed over the years. Hav is a 20 Year old college student who is pursuing his undergraduate...

More insight into my mother

I interview my mother, Olga Bordjoski, 58 years old, about her most influential experiences in her life.

Storytelling assignment

An interview with my mother by Katelyn trammell

Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho-Life Story and Main Events

The location of this interview was in Berkeley Michigan.The date of this interview was 5-15-22. The that where here during this time was Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho and I interviewed my dad who is. Bernard Acho. He was asked...