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Joan Hague & Janis Cross

Joan Hague and Janis Cross, lifelong friends and residents of Hallowell, Maine, talk about growing up in Hallowell. They are interviewed by Vaughan Homestead volunteer Anne Young on January 30, 2013. The interview was uploaded to Storycorps in December of...

Jenny Rask interviews Ffather Gene Rask about his life.

Jenny Rask: 2021-02-08 01:38:50 interviews father Gene Rask about his life. My dad receives his first Covid vaccine. Remembering close friend Father Joe Pichoto’s life and family. Growing up with Joe Pichoto and Central Catholic friends. Treasured friendships, memories of...

“I think all-women’s education really is a very good way of addressing [the confidence gap] for many women.”

Ann Damsgaard ’66 and Evelyn Go ’66 met on their first day at Wellesley. They reflect on the advantages of attending Wellesley, including small class sizes and the value of a single sex education.

“I found being in a woman’s college, where you weren’t either competing with men all the time, absolutely wonderful.”

Maud Chaplin ’56 and Ann Roberts ’56 discuss the immediate bond they formed upon first meeting at Wellesley, and reminisce about campus life in the 1950s.

Wellesley affords such a wonderful opportunity to do things we had never done.

Nan Keohane ’61 talks with sister, Geneva Overholser ’70, about how they both got to Wellesley from Arkansas. Each had their own “Wellesley Experience” – finding opportunities they never expected and a new sense of sisterhood they cherish to this...

Everyone is unbelievably glad that they went to a single-­sex school. I think it’s had a profound impact on all of us.

Three generations of alumnae—grandmother Katherine Barrett Murphy ’53, mother Georgia Murphy Johnson ’75, and daughter Katherine Johnson ’03—reflect on their experiences at Wellesley, spanning 50 years.

What you need to do in college is broaden your perspective so that you know what kind of person you want to be.

Longtime friends Shirley Young and Marylin Chou talk about how Wellesley taught them to "connect the dots," and how that skill helped them to succeed in their lives after college.