Education and Lifestyle of Nizar – Then and Now

This interview was taken by 11 year old Naurez Nizar on Nov 26, 2023. She interviews Nizar Mankulangara (her dad) who is age 40. In this interview, Nizar M talks about his education and lifestyle as a kid and now.

Nancy’s interview with Angelica Hernandez

This interview is conducted by Nancy Hernandez (17) and her participant is Angelica Hernandez (22) which is her older sister. Her older sister talks about her life, future, hobbies, etc.

Interviewing Omma (Mom)

Sienna (17) discusses with Omma (52) her childhood in South Korea and what her transition was like when moving to the United States.

Remembering the 60s

Jaina Bencze and Eli (Elizabeth) Foster interview Sandy Midduagh (Granny) about her experience and lifestyle during the 60s. She talks about her experience with religion and overall lifestyle in highschool and post graduation.

Living in New York as an art major

I, 18, interviewed my close friend Grace, 20, from 1,300 miles away about what life is like in New York as an art major and the pressure this causes.

music life

I interviewed Abigail not giving last name and she is 20. she's one of my best friends and has been involved in the music scene in my town her whole life. we discussed local bands, venues, and the culture of...

The life(education) in Poland vs. the life(education) in the States

This interview mainly talks about the lifestyle and education system differences and similarities between the country that Sofiia lives in, which is Poland and the US. In the interview, Sofiia expresses her fond and dilemma toward the US education system...


My mom was interviewed by me.