Beth Ankerholz and Jeffrey Valdez

One Small Step conversation partners Beth Ankerholz (70) and Jeffrey Valdez (64) reflect upon arriving at a similar place in their lives, despite having taken very different paths. They discuss their changing political views, changing religious views, connection to nature...

Mary Beth Majors Interview

Mary Beth Major MS, APRN, AGNP-C Economic necessity was the impetus for enrolling in nursing classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Caring for medically complex patients experiencing health care inequities led me to St. Catherine University College for Adults...

Lisa Sun and Brian McDonagh

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Sun (65) & Brian McDonagh (23) talk about the importance of and different forms of communication on a large global scale, and interpersonally with their loved ones.

Quentin Wilson and Lee Selleck

Friends Quentin Wilson [no age given] and Lee Selleck [no age given] come together 50 years after they graduated high school together in Kirkwood, Missouri. The two talk about the value of listening, the divides in our country, and how...


Listening to people from all walks of life.Loving people and trying so terribly hard not to judge. Everyone makes mistakes,forgiving my alcoholic father and realizing the good in him.

Kimi Powers & Maneesha Ahluwalia, MD

Dr. Ahluwalia discusses with Kimi, one of her coaching clients about the work they did and how she is doing one year later. Kimi has faced some stressful issues but feels able to handle with the tools she now has...

Embodied Listening

This is my Embodied Listening Activity. My chosen element in nature was a tree stump outside of Saint Martin’s Abbey in the garden.

Sumiko Hatakeyama

Peace Boat staff Sumiko Hatakeyama shares the story of how meeting nuclear bomb survivors at the age of 19 started her peacebuilding journey. She also provides advice for aspiring peace builders, and encourages everyone to meet people in person and...