Megan Ulmer and William Wyatt

Megan Ulmer (36) interviews her father, William Wyatt (72), about childhood stories, his favorite memories of her, and wisdom he would like to share with future generations.

Carley Larson and Tatiana Larsen

One Small Step conversation parnters Carley Larson (28) and Tatiana Larsen (37) have a conversation about learning from the wisdom of strangers, their COVID pandemic experiences, and how their beliefs evolved around Christianity.

Jude O'Dell and Jeffrey Lyle

Jude O'Dell (42) and Jeffrey "Jeff" Farr (69) discuss mid-career changes, the importance of connection with other people, using the bible, history and their own life experiences as a guide of how to move through the world with compassion and...

Karen Roth and Edward Roth

Karen Roth (49) and her husband Edward "Ed" Roth (53) remember and honor their son who passed away after battling addiction for many years.

Rachel von Niederhausern and Adam Whitney

Siblings and Loaves and Fishes co-founders Adam Whitney (41) and Rachel von Niederhausern (43) reflect on their family’s involvement in community service and how it paved the way for the pair to start their own service organization in Logan, Utah.

Immigrating to the U.S.
October 4, 2022 App Interview

Today, I spoke with 16 year old Camilla Achando about her journey coming to the U.S.. We discussed some of the obstacles she faced and hardships she went through. This all contributed to the leading question… was it worth it?

My Mother’s Middle Childhood

My mother’s name is Lafaye Henderson. Today we will discuss her middle childhood experience that took place in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Talking with a New Friend

Dr. Marci Yoss talks to her new friend Camille Beckett (21) about her family, profession, and loneliness. Marci delves into the importance of her husband and children within her life, discusses how the medical field as positively impacted her, and...