Living History Project on the immigration from Iran to the U.S.

parisa Placide, my mother, talks about her experience of immigrating to the United States as a foreigner, and the obstacles she experienced along her way.

Ashley Boone and R.Sterling Washington

Friends Ashley Boone (31) and Sterling Washington (31) discuss their friendship and how it's developed and changed over time. They also talk about their personal growth, goals, and how loss of parents at a young age affected who they grew...

Thomas Worthy McDonald

The interviewer is Kimberly McDonald DeMott (43 yo), eldest daughter of the interviewee, Thomas Worthy McDonald (74 yo). We discuss his childhood in the Mississippi Delta on a cotton farm.

Mary Guillory and Franchesca Peña

Mary “Angelique” Guillory (53) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about beginning a new phase of their life after their mother’s passing and finding purpose and presence in life beyond caregiving.

Tiffany Hoffmann and Ryan Chitwood

One Small Step conversation partners Ryan Chitwood (31) and Tiffany Hoffman (47) have a conversation about losing people that were close to them and how their perspectives have been shaped.

Helena Hunt and John Coppers

One Small Step conversation partners Helena "Ena" Hunt (75) and John Coppers (53) have a conversation about the Healthcare system in the United States and the struggles they have overcome.