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Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr.

In this interview my grandfather Isaac Thomas McClanahan Jr. talks about his childhood and teenage years in Bakersfield, CA through his family, young love and life experiences.

Ryan deMontluzin and his Mother talk about a life growing up in Louisiana and the big events her life

In this interview, conducted in Birmingham, Alabama, Ryan deMontluzin (17) and his mother (Christi, 52) talk about her childhood in Louisiana and the big events that she grew up with and around. Christi shares stories of life in Louisiana, college,...

Nita Morgan Hawkins (7/4/18)

This is a recording of my beautiful grandmother Nita Morgan Hawkins talking about her life growing up on Pecan Island, LA and of her experiences going to Baptist Hospital/Tulane University for Nurses Training in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s. She also...

Alyssa Walin Interviews her grandmother Carol Moreland about her life.

In this interview conducted in Kansas City, Missouri in November 2017, Alyssa Walin talks to her grandmother Carol Moreland about her life experiences. Carol Moreland talks about her Dad who served in World War 2. She describes her childhood and...

A Young Child’s Experience With Hurricane Katrina
November 15, 2017 App Interview

”The winds were so strong, my parents had to hold onto something or else they would be blown away.” Shelbi describes the events and her experience with hurricane Katrina from when she was at 12 years old, from preparation to...