Interviewing My Family Friend, Steven

Today I interviewed a family friend, Steven Vu, a naval officer that lives in Baltimore, Maryland. We discuss his experiences in the navy, lessons learned, and what led up to this point of his life. This is my 3rd interview,...


Sean Ly, 17, talks with his mother, Betty Nguyen (48) about her childhood and immigration to the United States after the Vietnam War.

Interview with my Parents.

Tyler Dinh (17) Interviews his parents Mimi Dinh and Tuan Dinh (mid 50s) about their life and escape from Vietnam as well as the harsh obstacles they had to pass through during their life.

A First-Generation Conversation – my Father

Sean Ly, 17, talks with his father, An Ly, 56, about his childhood during the Vietnam War and his migration to the United States.

Interview with my Mom

Ryan Pacheco (17) interviews his Mother Annalee Pacheco (52) discussing her upbringing in the Phillipines and discussing the difference in life between there and America. She recollects significant historical events and personal experiences such as memories of the Vietnam War,...

Interviewing My Mom

Alyssa Silvestre (16) interviews her mom, Angelique Escobedo (40) about her experiences growing up and mentions the struggles of being a single parent.

My Sity’s (Grandmother’s) history

Giselle Mustafa (17) learns more about her grandmother, Zahiya Sarsour’s (82) history. From living in Palestine, to trying to escape war, to living in in the U.S.

Interview with my Dad

In this interview, I ask my dad about his life in Vietnam, his best/worst memories, and his family.

Cindy Taylor and Bobby Putrino

[Recorded Tuesday, May 16, 2023] Cindy (63) and Bobby (51) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cindy is a writer and cares deeply about social justice, equity, and being involved with local nonprofits. Bobby is a husband...

A Conversation with My Grandparents About Growth

In a 45 minute time period, Makenna, a high-school freshman, talks to her grandparents about the differences in their 2 upbringings. Along with that comes the story of her grandfathers path in finding love, a family, and supporting lifestyle for...