Harold Kooden PhD for Stonewall Outloud (Part 2)

The year’s following Stonewall, the AIDS crisis, the joining of AIDS organizations, and the creation of the UN’s first openly gay NGO

Ben Greene

Partner of 3+ years, all in school, what do we do now? Where have we been and where do we go? … I hope it’s together.

You made my life complete

He is so amazing and i cannot imagine life without him.

Amour Celeste

The tale of three islands and the love between the sun and moon.

I wouldn’t have her

The beginning of a love story to a little insight in what I think of relationships. A little cringe but you might like it 🙂

Rosalba Vega McKinney Texas The great Thanksgiving Listen 2018

This interview there was a lot of sentimental questions that really had my mother thinking and also questions that brought hot into the room.