Thanksgiving listen with my grandmother.

My grandmother reflected on her life and the lessons that she learned from it.

Memories of My Mom

It was amazing interviewing my mom. I loved learning about her past.

Mother has changed my life

My mother has changed my life in many different ways! This interview is very touching to me because my mother is truly amazing and has gone through many things in her life. Her sister has passed at a very young...

Moms first interview

Story’s of what it was like in her life

THEATER assignment

I interviewed my godmother Genie Navarro. We discussed life lessons, journeys and people in her life.

Interview with my mom

What was talked about was about her happiest memories and her life in Puerto Rico

Son interviews mother about life.

In this interview, conducted in September of 2020 in Burlingame, California, Ryan Dokoza(14) interviews his mother about what her life was like when she was growing up and what it is like now. She speaks about her middle class upbringing...

What was life growing up

My interview will be about how was life when my mother lateaka perry was growing up as a kid. And how her child hood was like as a young single mother , if she could go back in time and...