December 6, 2018
“If you were in charge of the programs, what would you have done differently?”

I interviewed my mom and explored her experiences when she was working at her previous mental health agency, a nonprofit organization that has provided a unique blend of services to meet the needs of individuals in its surrounding neighborhoods such...

December 6, 2018
LoyolaSOWK732 – Sean & KP

Sean & KP discuss social justice issues related to KP’s migration story.

Dad’s Business

My dad and I spoke about how his career’s success is all because of migrants.

Ana on families and immigration

Ana has worked with many first and second generation immigrants. She has seen how immigration status impacts individual and family well being as well as access to basic goods and services.

December 5, 2018
Kathleen Vannucci and hbuzaid

Immigration attorney Katie Vannucci talks about the 2018 family separation at the border crisis, the implications of Trump’s zero tolerance policy, and what we can do to promote comprehensive immigration reform.

From Guatemala to America

Though shortened and summarized, this is a loved one’s story of the hardships of immigration and barriers from coming into a different culture.

December 4, 2018
LoyolaSOWK732 Luke Bandyk Interview with Sister Emily

Luke Bandyk Interview with Sister Emily Brabham for LoyolaSOWK732

December 4, 2018
(Shortened) Interview with Ms. D – “Undocumented Immigrant Migrant from Mexico”

Ms. D works as an art teacher at a school in the south side of Chicago. She shares her story of immigrating to America and migrating once she arrived. She shares her perception in human right violations for immigrants, and...

(Full) Interview with Ms. D “Undocumented Immigrant Migrant from Mexico”

Ms. D told her story about immigrating to the US and than migrating place to place when she arrived. Ms. D speaks on her perception of human right violations, specifically workers rights and shares her personal experiences.