the affects of having lupus

Jasmine owilli interviewing Elizabeth owilli. Jasmine is the daughter and Elizabeth is the mother. we discussed the affects of having lupus

Living with lupus as a young age
December 8, 2022 App Interview

In this participate I had the pleasure to interview my sister Jazciri Juarez. Jazciri is 24 years old, who battles with lupus and being on dialysis. She shared her experience with us and her journey on finding a kidney transplant.

Nicholas Spoor and Zachary Spoor

Nicholas Spoor (40) and Zachary Spoor (31) reflect on their mother's recent passing. They also describe some of their memories about her.

Monica Franco and Brooklyn Franco

In this interview, recorded on January 14, 2019, Brooklyn Franco (17) interviews her mom, Monica Franco (41) about the affect of lupus on herself and how lupus affected her best friend, Roxanne. She shares details about her lifelong friendship with...

SLE / Abdiel / 11.21.18

Ana and Abdiel discussion on living with Lupus

Common Ground Tacony: Janice Monzo-Perry

This week I interview my cousin Janice Monzo who is originally from South Philadelphia 5th & Dudley Sts, but worked all over the city with the Salvation Army for 34 years. While working for the Salvation Army Janice's job was...

Wolf Problems

Learning how to understand the body you live in with a lupus diagnosis

“Yo tengo Lupus… Mi familia me llama una guerrera porque mi enfermera me ayudó a prepararme física y mentalmente para un parto natural.”

Lizbeth Ortiz-Luna, graduada del programa Nurse-Family Partnership de la division de la salud materna, infantil y de los adolescentes del Departamento de Salud Pública de San Francisco, habla de su embarazo de alto riesgo debido a su enfermedad Lupus con...