I interviewed my mother about her childhood/ her current life/her wedding. I had to redo this interview a few times because we were interrupted or ran out of time. We finally finalized it a week or two later which is...

Madelyn Ritchie and her Mother have a discussion about her life

This interview took place in St.Louis, Missouri on January 8th 2016. This discussion was held between Madelyn (16 y/o) and her mother Keary (47y/o). In the interview with Keary Ritchie many topic had been discussed. The conversation talked about growing...

Interview with my Mom

My mom and I talked a lot about her childhood and her family. We also talked about our family and Hayley and me growing up.

Interview with Grandma

My grandma talked about her childhood and progresses to talk a little bit about her life now. Some major components include her high school life, life in rural Sussex, NJ, and her relationship with my grandpa.

Interview with My Mom, Michele, About Her Experiences as a Teen #MBHSstories

I talked to my mom about what it was like for her growing up and having me. She told me about her having me, meeting my dad, and moving around in high school.

The fascinating life of Cara Fergiels.

This was a interview about one of my favorite teacher Ms,Fergiels. In this interview you will learn her amazing life and why she is who she is today.