BVHS Summer Interview (2019)

For my summer assignment I interviewed my Nonna. A spitfire little Italian women whom I love.

Interview with my Mother (pt. 1)

In part 1 of this interview, Nidia talks about hardships in her childhood such as living in poverty and being abused by relatives. She also speaks about her marriage and states specific details including how she met her husband and...

Glorias interview :)

I interviewed my Grandma (and my grandpa) and asked about marriage, my grandma’s life growing up and what her favorite memories are

My Mama’s Story

I interviewed my mom about where she came from, how she met my dad, spirtuality and other important aspects of life to carry with you.

Joe interview

Joe explains how he met his wife April harper

Immigration Project

Emma Holden interviews her dad, Dave Holden, about this immigration to the U.S.

Grammy and Dadad Crain (Part 1 The Beginning)

Summary of Dadads perspective of him and Grammy’s first meeting and his childhood.