Interview with my Grandfather

In this interview, I get to know my grandfather better who experienced hardship in his life. As one who lived through the Korean War as a child, my grandfather would go on to serve in the Korean Army as a...

Lindsay Runnels

The early childhood life of my mother and some little things about being a parent.

Samir&Jasmina dad& mom

In the interview, we were talking about How I went to school and how I met my husband through a friend.

Justin Koch interviews father about his life as a child and now.

Today I️ interviewed my dad John koch to learn about his life growing up. I️ learned so many new things about him like that he whacked a bee hive with a baseball bat and that he is truly happy with...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My dads’s interview of his memories. If he wishes to forget, or remember.

Grandpa Jack Foster, Ben Foster and Jack Foster interview

This interview is private.

My First Father’s Day

This interview is private.