Ann Trenk and Lisa Rodensky

Colleagues Ann Trenk (57) and Lisa Rodensky (58) reflect, as colleagues, on how the pandemic has affected their teaching.

Kalid Loul and Ahmed Flex Omar

Kalid Loul (32) talks to his colleague, Ahmed Flex Omar (38), about his childhood in New Jersey, living in Syria from the ages of 10-14, the difference in education between the US and Syria, his career interests, and starting his...

Eliana Banuelos and Mario Banuelos

Spouses Eliana Banuelos (29) and Mario Banuelos (30) share memories of growing up in Delano, California, talk about their mothers, who have both been field workers in California, and expand on their experiences as first-generation college students and, now, educators...

Week 6 Workbook assignment: Alejandro Rivas

Talking 1 on 1 with a Program Assistant at McConnell hall about family, helping others, where he grew up, and what he wants to do in the future

David Stahnke and Margaret Noble

Teaching partners, Margaret Noble (38) and David Stahnke (32), talk about what led each of them to become teachers. Margaret and David also talk about the project that they co-taught in which students at High Tech High were asked to...