Rose Krasnow shares stories of her work shaping public policy in the places she has lived.

At a time when very few women were taken seriously as public policy professionals, Rose Krasnow broke new ground in suburban Washington, D.C. A native of Memphis, Rose earned a graduate degree in urban and regional planning while she and...

Jim Rooks and Pete Muldoon
November 1, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners, Jackson's former mayor Pete Muldoon (50) and current Town Council Member Jim Rooks (52), in their first conversation in front of a live audience at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming. This is...

Todd Lands and Evan Wiig
October 13, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step Conversation partners Todd Lands (46) and Evan Wiig (37) discuss living in a bubble, societal ideals, and systematic issues in education and agriculture.

Melanie Henry and Rainman Davis

One Small Step parters Melanie Henry (42) and Rainman Davis (50) have a conversation about what they are most proud of in the past year, their pandemic experiences, and their relationships to church.

John Suthers and Matt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry (58) interviews his colleague Mayor John Suthers (71) about his experience in public service, how the city has changed over his life, and his reflections on leadership. Mayor John Suthers also shares stories from his childhood growing up...

Lisa Aurand, Eric Rude, and Charles Rude

Lisa Aurand (62) talks with her brother Eric Rude (60) and nephew Charles "Charlie" Rude (30) about their parents and grandparents, respectively, Charles and Maxine Rude. They remember Charles and Maxine's Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, connections and their legacy of respect...

Bob Stubbs On Growing Up in Hallowell & Being Mayor

Robert "Bob" Stubbs (90) talks about his life in Hallowell, in particular his years as mayor in the 1970s and his role in saving Hallowell's downtown district from being torn down for a highway.

Gloria DiFulvio and Timothy Hoyle

One Small Step partners Gloria DiFulvio (56) and Timothy Hoyle (63) reflect on their experiences as local elected officials and share how their political views have changed over time.

Lauren Stein McLean and James "Jimmy" Hallyburton

James "Jimmy" Hallyburton (39) interviews his colleague Lauren Stein McLean (47) about her journey and experiences as the first woman elected to serve as mayor of Boise, Idaho.