E. Larry Keating and Audrey Gilmore

E. Larry Keating (81) talks with his granddaughter, Audrey Gilmore (17), about his work and life entwined with the places he's lived. They discuss the values impressed by locales ranging from Ireland to Lake Allatoona, Georgia, and the ways in...

Life Interview

My name is Abigail Posadas and I interviewed Jasmin on her life. She talked about her struggles and her plans after highschool.

Storytelling interview

Jasmine Mitchell 19 years old Fran Mitchell- Mother 45 years old The everyday life of Monroe Demonstration Academy.

Covid-19 Homeless Experience With Father & Daughter Advocates Eric Protein & Erica Moseley

A father & daughter homeless experts: Eric Protein Moseley & Erica Moseley discuss their Covid-19 homeless experience before, during, and after with each other as they reminisce about their experience of educating the unhoused of San Francisco about the coronavirus.

Ajita Bhat and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Ajita Bhat reflects on her immigration to America in the pursuit of higher education, and how her impressions of the country has evolved. After settling in Andover, she quickly found community, and eventually became the...

Dr Rosemary Lucas – My Career in Education

Dr Rosemary Lucas tells the story of how she began her interest in education. She talks about her career and challenges and victories she experienced along the way!

Recording – 07-06-2023 16:10:25

I, Katie (16), interview my best friend,Gabby Hayes (16). We talked about the challenges of going through school and the journey that has gotten us here. We also talked about the things we want to do after school and the...

My mother is also my teacher

My mom is a teacher who has taught at a primary school for about 25 years. I want to make clear on how she feel about teaching through this way. And by her sincere speaking, I really feel how great...

Emily and her mom

An interview with my mom who had a huge impact on my educational choices!

Inquiry in Academic Disciplines Interview

My name is Julia Simoneau (22) and I was joined by my sister Marlena Simoneau (27) who is an ABA Behavior Technician/Teaching Assistant at Lincoln - Eliot Elementary School in Newton, MA. Today we discussed what her profession is all...