Stars and Mom

Moments with my mother have always been deep and meaningful. Most of the stuff I asked her I had already known. We talked about childhoodsand memories of passed regrets and blissful moments one could never forget.

My Mom

We talked about my mom and I got to know a little more about her than I had already known.

My mom

I chose to ask my mom a few questions to get to know her childhood a little more


I’ve known MJ since I became best friends with her daughter in 4th grade. She is a soul sister, always talking about the protests and theatre. A large portion of my love for film and the arts in general came...

StoryCorps interview

I had a pleasant time interviewing my mother learning more about her and even myself.


My dad talked about how rough his childhood was and about important people in life who he lost

Interview w/ a close friend – Bryce George & Nick Dobbs

Me and my buddy dobbs went out to breakfast on the weekend. We were eating and decided to make this interview.

Storycorp interview

We touched base on mostly positive subjects about current and past experiences.

My greatest listening with jarul

We talked about some meaning full questions that influenced us and what we thought about each other