Maureen Guthman and Jill Schlesinger

Maureen Guthman (60) talks to her friend Jill Schlesinger (56) about her family, resilience, and the impact of those closest to her in her life. They reflect on their friendship and on the TV shows and music that have most...

Rachael Glick and Randy Magen

One Small Step partners Rachael Glick (60) and Randy Magen (64) discuss loss and grief, their reactions to the 2016 presidential election, their political views, and their backgrounds as social workers.

Rollie Zumbrunn and Don Gathers

[Recorded: Tuesday, August 23, 2022] Rollie (45) and Don (63) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rollie works for Facilities Management at the University of Virginia, and Don is a deacon who served as the chair of...

Ed Boling and Curtis Bustamante

One Small Step partners Ed Boling (50) and Curtis Bustamante (44) discuss their lives in Fresno, California, and their political journeys from the Republican party to the Democratic party and vice-versa, respectively.

Is Social Media Shaping Our Future?

I, Becca Mizrachy, am interviewing my friend, Taylor Hart, about how social media has impacted her life. I am asking her questions about if she believes social media is going to be prevalent in our future.

Julia Barden and Shelli Fowler

One Small Step conversation partners Julia Torres Barden (61) and Shelli Fowler (62) discuss formative moments in their political identities, the precarious nature of the current political moment, and what constitutes an effective strategy for social change.