High School Engineering Teacher/Dad Talks Covid and Technology

I interviewed my dad who teaches engineering and architecture in high school about his experience with technology throughout his life and how it’s impact on future generations can lead to great things. We discussed in detail how covid has impacted...

Project 3: Interview 2 with Lucia Owens

Interviewing Lucia Owens about media, COVID-19, self-care, current events, and mental health. Lucia has taken a unique path to self-care, and offers a one of a kind perspective.

Before and after: School during the pandemic

What is school like for a 6th grade student during the pandemic? This brief interview gives a glimpse of what a school is like for a kid before and after a pandemic.

Interview about the internet and online media with a clinical analyst

This was an interview about the progression and future of the internet and online social media with Pat Moses, a clinical analyst

StoryCorps Interview Project Prompt #3 with Doby Lanete Sr.

An interview covering the impact that media and technologies have had on the interactions between people.

The Role of Media in Culture II
December 6, 2020 App Interview

Media can influence societies and cultures positively or negatively, as has been seen more and more throughout the years. The rapid change of media has caused both a sense of unity, as well as diversity through the information that is...

Role of Media in Culture
December 6, 2020 App Interview

Media has a significant impact on cultures around the world. Millions of people a day are influenced by the various information being received by various resources. Cultures are greatly effected by media also; mass propaganda has been used to indulge...

Marianna and Papashorty speak about music, media, love, and The Delfonics

Marianna Davis (20) speaks with her grandfather, Leo Davis Jr. (65) about media and the ways it is consumed and discovered in various eras of the 21st century. Topics such as love songs, political music, and music mediums are covered...