My Grandfather’s Medical Trips to Guatemala

Michael (13) interviewed his grandfather named Michael (79) about his experiences in doing volunteer medical work in Guatemala.

Molly Baumgartner, Whitney Gonsoulin, and Roberta Bienvenu

Friends Molly Baumgartner (62), Dr. Whitney Gonsoulin (70), and Roberta Bienvenu (71) share an array of stories of their upbringing, world travels, and work in the home birth movement in Louisiana.

Interview of Kevin Knoth

An interview of Kevin Knoth, 51 Male, by his daughter Kaitlyn Kushner, 23 female. The interview entails his life before and after meeting his late wife Tammy Knoth who recently passed away on April 6th, 2023.

medical terminology
April 6, 2023 App Interview

How to say medical words.

Jessica Quintal Alverez & Jennifer Eid Ammons

Colleagues Jessica and Jennifer work on the Mobile Medical Van community outreach program for Providence Health in Sonoma County, California. In order to gain the trust of the homeless community they serve, they take a personalized approach by getting to...

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

In this interview, Estefania shares her experiences with gender inequality in her workplace within the medical field. She highlights the importance of women standing up for themselves and emphasizes the need to view themselves highly against negativity regarding gender inequality.

Road to transplant

An interview with my Girlfriend, Alessandra, about her life and how she adjusted to her new life with kidney failure.

Changing the Face of Medicine: A Black Woman’s Journey

I have a conversation about the status of America, the medical field and what’s to come in the following year.

What my inspiration went through

This was an interview with my nanny. She had a heart attack a couple years ago while working and collapsed, due to the heart attack she had her right leg amputated. About a year later, she was diagnosed with liver,...