Interview with Carol Cole Kleinman – Childhood Memories

This is an interview of Dr. Carol Cole Kleinman (age 78) by her daughter Eleanor “Ellie” Kleinman (age 53). Topics discussed included growing up in the Kansas City area, discussion about her relationships with her parents, siblings and friends. Also...

Donna Spears and Niraj Chavan

Donna Spears (56) interviews her colleague Niraj Chavan (39) about his work in maternal healthcare, specifically in communities struggling with substance use. They also discuss the necessary steps towards more equitable healthcare.

Sylvia Morris and Angela Walker

Long time friends and former classmates, Sylvia Elizabeth Morris (54) and Angela CB Walker (54), talk about meeting at Georgetown University School of Medicine. They also talk about a book they have recently published with three friends who are also...

Andrew Duxbury and Ginnie Prater

Dr. Andrew Duxbury (61) speaks with former student Dr. Ginnie Prater (46) about his experience working in geriatrics across rural Alabama. Dr. Duxbury explains the importance of at home visits for rural populations and gives his thoughts on how to...

Robert Maddock and Tami Owen

Tami Owen (49) interviews her uncle Robert Maddock (89) about his life growing up in a military family, his service in the United States Marines Corps, his work, and his two marriages.

Jacob Bonnafoux and Bethany Kolb

Jacob Bonnafoux (25) and Dr. Bethany Kolb (57) come together to talk about their non-traditional paths in medical school and finding support in higher education, especially as Bethany endowed a scholarship at the University of New Mexico, which Jacob received....

Dr. Christine Urman

Christine Urman (43) talks with her daughter’s best friend about growing up in the Soviet Union and in Boston, her time at college, and what it was like raising a kid in residency.