Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD, (84) speaks with Sandy Chang, Jeanette Gonzalez and Susan Dicosola on his unusual path to the practice of medical oncology.

James Siragusa and Helen Siragusa

James Siragusa (66) speaks to his mother, Helen Siragusa (99) about Helen's life as a WWII nurse and mother of eight as she nears her 100th birthday.

Patrick Crump and Andy Crump

Brothers Patrick Crump (63) and Andy Crump [no age given] discuss their shared childhood, how disability has impacted their lives, and their experiences with Innisfree Village.

Brandy Tolbert and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (24) interviews new friend Brandy Tolbert (34) about Brandy’s childhood, her family, and her children. Brandy also talks about her role as the director of the Literacy Alliance and how she discovered her passion for literacy work.

Melissa MacKenzie and Esayas Asfeha

Melissa Mackenzie (68) prompts her dear friend Esayas Asfeha (41) to recount his migration story from multiple refugee camps to his arrival in Missoula, Montana, a 16 year process.


Dennis Miller talks about his life experiences.

“I knew I was on dangerous ground:” Two men working to tell the story of a lifetime.

Fred and Craig talk about their five-year project to write Fred’s life story, a story with roots in the South during the Great Depression, and stops in the Army, the prize-fighting world, Harlem, Sing-Sing Prison, and Washington DC.