AP Didier and Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh (76) talks with her grandson, AP Didier (18) about her childhood in Orangeburg, South Carolina during the 1950s-1960s in the Jim Crow south, her father's experience in a German POW camp, and how her town has evolved since...

MUSH Final Project – Interview
May 19, 2022 App Interview

This interview is a display of Betty Begg's history and life story. Throughout this interview, she takes us through the story of her days on the hit television series "Bandstand", as well as her life being a mother and raising...

Robert S Danziger

Robert Danziger (age 67) discusses his life choices, Homak Mfg Co In, and his career in medicine. Mistakes, regrets, and history are discussed

Impact of different environments on Identity in the LGBTQ community

Students from SUNY Geneseo, Valeria Espinosa and Kaitlyn McNeil talk about growing up in different homes and having different experiences. Individuals elaborate on how growing impacted their identity as being part of the LGBTQ community.

Robin Glassey Answers Questions from the Big 10

Parent/Author and amazing Friend Robin Glassey takes a moment to answer questions from the top ten questions everyone should be asked.

Kristan and Brandon Singleton with Uma Zierten-Singleton

Uma Zierten-Singleton (16) talks with her father Kristan Singleton (50), and his twin brother Brandon Singleton (50) about their experiences growing up in St.Croix, and being twin brothers.

Jonnie Pekelny Interviews Olga Pekelny (Женя Пекельная интервьюирует Олю Пекельную)

Jonnie Pekelny, 55, interviews her mother Olga Pekelny, 79, about Olga's university days in Leningrad (now Satint Petersburg) Russia and also about Olga's early childhood. Main interview is in Russian. 2022-05-12 01:35:15. Женя Пекельная (55) разговаривает с ее мамой Олей...

Persevering Through It All: Ashlyn and Dianne

Ashlyn, 22, and Dianne, 64, talk about what it was like for Dianne growing up with a disability.