Interviewing My Mom

In this interview, I (16) interviewed my mother, Olena Kirsenko (45). We discussed what her life was like in Ukraine, and then in the United States.

Interview with my mom

Eric Hoang (17) talks with his mom, Trinh Hoang (47) about her childhood and life in America. They discuss about her values and what she enjoyed as a kid and how she gives back to her Vietnamese community despite being...

Interview with my Grandpa, Denis Richmond

This interview was conducted for an AP Language project where we were tasked to interview a close elder and give insightful reviews and ask questions so we can further understand how cool our elders really are. I, Seth Greenland(16) interview...

Finding Home Away from Home: Karen’s Journey of Studying Abroad

Karen Ghaddar talks about her experience moving from Dubai to study in the United States while leaving her family behind in Lebanon.

Nazrin Nazarudin Interview by Kay Badberg

I sat down with Nazrin Nazarudin, an international student from Malaysia. We talked about his experience growing up in Malaysia as well as the similarities and differences between our childhoods.

Vicky and Cole – 5/11/23

Cole Eastwood (19) talks with former nurse and long-time Nebraskan, Vicky Frost (66), about her childhood, career, and future.