Life Growing Up With Divorced Parents

Sisters Addison (16) and Sarah (24) talk about the differences in their lives with Sarah having divorced parents.

Lucia Rocco and Zoey Rocco

A school assignment was to interview someone I was interested in hearing a story from and ask good questions. I chose my 4 year old daughter to interview because I am amazed every day watching her grow and learn. I...

How my mom, Amanda Robertson, remembers 9/11.

Amanda Robertson (37) talk with her daughter, Mallory Robertson (18) about how she remembers 9/11.

When Relationships Change: Yaliah’s story about her Grandmother

Yaliah recounts her childhood growing up in Florida with her grandparents. She reflects on how over time her relationship with her grandmother has changed and how she is happy to be actively working on maintaining a close relationship with her.

Motherly Love – Cody Johnson and Angela Muller

Cody Johnson (17) who is a senior at BWHS, talks to his mother Angela Muller (41), they talk about childhood, family, and how far Cody had come dealing with being on the spectrum.