Second attempt

Interview with my brother.

Interview With My Beother

We talked about my brother’s favorite memories and things he enjoys

Memory Loss

Examples of how memory loss has impacted Angie.

Mom’s story

It is questions that involve my mom’s past and her memorable experiences.

Abby Huntress and Lia Nakabayashi

We discussed the impact of death. We also talked about the impact society has on how we react.

Lavonnes interview

We talked about her life and the strugles and the good parts of it.

Willa Westneat with Corinne Lykins

We talked about Corinne’s life, her goals, and her beliefs about souls and the universe.

Linda Baxter art, music, family and life growing up in Rhode island

An interview with a true Saggitarian, Linda who was born and raised in Rhode Island in a multitalented musical family. With an antique dealer mother and a father who could fix anything and play most any instrument it is no...