Carl Lunn and Deborah Lunn

Carl and Debbie share some stories of Carl's early years, then their life together, married for 50 years. Debbie skillfully redirects Carl's answers when his memory is challenging him to recall details.

Anita Babineau and Elizabeth Langley

Anita Babineau (84) tells her granddaughter Elizabeth Langley (42) about her childhood on the family cattle ranch and raising six children.

Jennifer Harders and Lu Ann Ramsey

Jennifer Harders (49) has a conversation with colleague and friend Lu Ann Ramsey (69) about their experience in facilitating memory cafes and the benefits to persons living with memory loss and their care partners or family members.

Lisa Yemma and Larry Yemma

Lisa Yemma (49) shares a conversation with her father, Larry Yemma (72), about his family, his plans for the future, memory loss, and how he has been feeling recently.

Geraldine Taylor and James Taylor

James "Jim" Taylor (75) speaks with his wife, Geraldine "Geri" Taylor (77), about her experience living with Dementia. They discuss finding the joy in every day living and their hopes for the future.

Johanna Bleckman and David Bleckley

Johanna Bleckman (39) speaks with her colleague and pretend sibling David Bleckley (40) about their work at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, becoming close friends, Johanna's memory loss challenges from Multiple Sclerosis, and the preservation of data...

Albert Fierro and Haley Samsel

Haley Samsel (22) talks to her grandfather, Albert Fierro (74), about his family, his involvement in Haley's life as she's grown, and experiences with loss and grief within the family.

Ruby Loera and Israel Saucedo

Ruby Loera (26) and her friend Israel Saucedo (26) talk about their families, their academic interests, and early trauma in their lives.