Andi Rose Tiscareno and John Zamora

Andi Rose Tiscareno (27) and her boyfriend, John Zamora (26), reflect on their relationship, Andi’s experience as a transgender woman in Texas, and the ways they’ve grown together.

Miriam Hossaini + Virginia Anderson

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022] Miriam (22) and Virginia (68) record a virtual One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miriam is a fourth-year architecture student at the University of Virginia and Virginia is the editor of the Daily Progress,...

Nia Hodge and Sherry Neil

Sherry Neil (49) and Nia Hodge (50) talk about the importance of community, conversations about mental health for Black women, and their hopes for Fresno in terms of equity.

Why do I have to be medicated to fit into this society?

Chris A (32) responding to the interview question: Are there specific circumstances or factors that lead to you going off your mental health medications?

My grandmothers story of perseverance and resilience in America

Hello, my reflection was based upon various interviews I had with my grandmother, a 70 year old woman who found perseverance and resilience through her journey of being an immigrant in America.

Mohammad Sheheed & Scott Acord

Mohammad (17) talks about working with teens with mental healthcare needs and what drew him to the work. He also shares how the work has shaped what he plans to study in college.

a Motherly Discussion

A mother and daughter have a much needed conversation about family history and mental health.

Annalise & Parker: How softball affected her life
December 9, 2022 App Interview

Parker Allee is my best friend and ex softball player. She started when she was very young and played throughout her life. We talked about how being involved and quitting softball affect her life.

Gen Z vs Boomers (Mental Health)

Today I interviewed my friends Maria Flores and Blake Para. We discussed many topics about current issues and its impact of mental health.

Auto ethnography Podcast

This is a podcast by Bren and Carissa based on our Auto ethnography projects.