For The Dreamers

Guadalupe Altamirano Gutierrez joins Eliana Nunez in discussing her important dreams that have come to life.

Talk about art accessibility with Christopher and Helen Bowling

Father, Christopher Bowling (41), and daughter, Helen Bowling (19), talk about the accessibility of art and what Christopher's experience with sketching and writing was like and what financial, social, mental, and systemic barriers he faced.

Carly Summers and Toni Eddings

One Small Step conversation partners Carly Summers (34) and Toni Eddings (51) have a conversation about their experiences with mental health and addictions, their love for their pet dogs, and the importance of understanding people's needs and listening to one...

Hilda Soko Interview

Hilda Soko is an assistant professor of nursing at St. Catherine University in the Baccalaureate Degree Program - College for Adults. She holds an Associate of Nursing degree from St. Catherine University, a BSN degree from Metro State University, an...

Megan Ulmer and William Wyatt

Megan Ulmer (36) interviews her father, William Wyatt (72), about childhood stories, his favorite memories of her, and wisdom he would like to share with future generations.

My Mental Health Is Not Lazy: Featuring Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is a college student who just started to seek help for her mental health. Today we discuss how harmful the laziness myth can be to people who struggle with mental health, and how we have started our mental...

Emma Lohr and Ashley Turner

[Recorded: Friday, September 8, 2023] Emma Lohr (19) from Towson, MD, and Ashley Turner (19) from Fairfax, VA participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Emma shares her...

Treasure Affia and Dr. Toni Caretto ; An insightful interview on the issue of self- acceptance within the LGBTQI+ Community.

Treasure Affia(a sophomore psychology major and human sexuality minor) and Dr. Toni Caretto( a seasoned clinical psychologist) talk about the issue of accessibility to mental health care and self-acceptance within the LGBTQI+ community.