Natasha Herring and Milton Washington

Friends Natasha Herring (47) and Milton Washington [no age given] discuss their origins of inspiration as writers. They begin the conversation with how they met as writers and the similarities between their experiences as children who experienced housing instability/being orphans....

Morgan at 28
October 16, 2022 App Interview

Jeff Arrigo talks with with his stepdaughter, Morgan, about life, mental illness, transitioning, and her childhood memories.

Christine Glenn and Mary Glenn

Christine "Chrissy" Glenn (69) and her mother, Mary Ellen Glenn (97) talk about their family's history with mental illness, the stigma of mental illness and the need for better mental health support. They remember family members they have lost to...

Kathleen O’Dell and Annie Busch

Kathleen O’Dell (68) interviews her long-time friend, Annie Busch [no age given], about her work in the Springfield community, from serving as the Executive Director of the Springfield-Greene County Library to her efforts to aid children experiencing homelessness.

Sedrick and Ruth Luke

Sedrick (22) and his sister Ruth (27) discuss First Step Communities, an organization that works with the homeless in order to find them homes in Sacramento, CA.

Joan Heminway and Owen Thurber

One Small Step conversation partners Joan Heminway (60) and Owen Thurber (20) discuss activism, disability, feminism, and workplace discrimination.

Shadi Nadri and Theo Morgan

Best friends, Shadi Nadri (27) and Theo Morgan (22), share a conversation about mental health, body image, travel, hobbies, clothing, death, self-love, and friendship.

Jameson Interviews Tricia about Lena Teinila, Her Mother's Unsolved Murder, Rejection, and Reconciliation

Jameson O'Neal talks with his mother, Tricia O'Neal, about her mother, Lena Teinila, as well as several other family members. Jameson and Tricia discuss rejection, reconciliation, and how those life lessons come full circle. Lena Teinila's homicide is the only...