Interviewing Patricia, My Mother

Today I interviewed my mother. Her name is Patricia Marlyn Urzua Rebolledo, she is 36 years old. She's happily married with two loving daughters. Today we discussed what it was like for her growing up, and how it compares to...

My Interview With Efren Lopez

This is my interview with Efren Lopez who is my father. We discussed his family and his childhood. we also discussed his love life and how he met my mother.

Dad's Younger Years

Mi papa y yo hablamos sobre los días cuando él era menor y luego hablamos de las experiencias que tuvo que lo llevaron hacia donde él está en el presente.

Oscar Sanchez – Airports before and after 9/11

Oscar Sanchez, my uncle from Mexico travelled 1-3 times a month to the United States (including New York) in 2001. He discusses his experience in airports before and after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. (Interview recorded through a call)

Recording – 08-18-2023 15:19:24
August 18, 2023 App Interview

My partner talked about his family and about Mexico what he went through.

Entrevista con mi abuela

Esta es una entrevista con mi abuela sobre su vida y sus experiencias.

interview with José Panszi

I(Indy Widlansky, 17) interviewed my Abuelo(José Panszi, 83) about his immigration experience. Also, for whatever reason, I said 2003, but it’s 2023