Interview with Kenya Campos: An Undocumented Mother of Three

In this interview I talk with Kenya Campos, a family friend, about her childhood in Mexico, her journey to the United States, the struggles her family has faced in regards to their current immigration status and her fears as wells...

Kotaro & Sandra's Ethnographic Interview

For our ethnographic interview Kotaro and I talked about the food and time in our lives and our culture. Enjoy!

Immigration Stories Reel–a brief recap of the overall, unedited audio interviews. The full impact is embodied within the full interviews.

I had the privilege to interview immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and asylum seekers across the world. Their stories were accompanied by anonymous portraits made from cyanotype imprints of their bodies and forms to which provided privacy and freedom to speak...

It’s not Safe Anymore

Fabiola talks about her last trip to Mexico and how she realized that it’s not safe there anymore

Leaving your country behind

A 18 year old man has to leave his country to help his sister when diagnosed with cancer.


In this interview I explore Breanna’s life and also her thoughts on a pressing global issue.