Joel Hodge and Jacob Mihelich

Joel Hodge (76), is interviewed by his grandson, Jacob Mihelich (17). Joel discusses his life in Laurium, Michigan. Joel was a trucker and had a passion for the open road.

Granny tells her grandson about what her childhood was like
January 30, 2023 App Interview

16 year old Luke interviews his granny, Kathy Ritchey who is 68 talks about her childhood, her best and worst memories, and what shes grateful for.

Viajando con mama

Yamelin (16) talks with her mom (45) about her experience and thoughts in the United States. They talk about the past containing jobs and responsibilities.

The Story of David Fox Part 2
December 28, 2022 App Interview

David Fox, 80. Growing up in northern Michigan in a large family, trade school

Joseph Acho and Tamara Acho-Life Story and Main Events

The location of this interview was West Bloomfield, Michigan. The date of this interview was 5-16-22. The people in this interview were Joseph Acho and Tamera Acho. We talked about you childhood, your life now, and a main event that...

Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho-Life Story and Main Events

The location of this interview was in Berkeley Michigan.The date of this interview was 5-15-22. The that where here during this time was Joseph Acho and Bernard Acho and I interviewed my dad who is. Bernard Acho. He was asked...

Lucy Baker reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

Lucy Baker conducts a self interview to reflect on the content and takeaways of Environment 361: The Psychology of Environmental Stewardship. She discusses meaningful and salient concepts, successful behavior change strategies, and more.

Kyndall Dotson and Linda Blacks Interview.

On 12/3/21 In Flint,MI Linda Black and Her Granddaughter Kyndall Dotson has a conversation about the trial’s and tribulations in her life and also talk about her experience in the south.

Getting to know my aunt!!

Getting to know my aunt I asked her about Michigan her childhood and things about herself. I loved the story’s my aunt told me. getting to know her more was an amazing experience.