Autoethnographic Personal Narrative

Today Im sharing a small section of my story about the time I got bullied in 6th grade

Keira’s Interview

Keira’s middle school experience as a newcomer in town.

Interview with a Middle School Teacher

Natalie Ortiz, 17, interviews her mom Aide Ortiz, 36, to discuss what it is like being a middle school teacher.

Middle School in the 90s

Otis Johnson (Age 11), a current 7th grader, asks his father Jeremy Johnson (Age 41) what middle school was like for him. Witness the challenges and the fun of what middle school was like in the 90s.

Justus Eubanks and Sam Benson

Justus Eubanks (12) talks with one of his best friends Sam Benson (12) about life as middle school boys and asks questions to discover things about Sam he's never known before.

Talking about collin

We touched on quite a bit of things, most normal but we did hit and talk a little bit about what we call an episode where he was going to commit suicide.