Kevin Buckley and Jana Buckley

Husband Kevin Chester Buckley (67) tells his wife, Jana Buckley (60), about the time he helped deliver a friend's baby in her home during a party.

Warren Brown and Melissa Reitman
October 17, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Warren Brown (55) and Melissa Reitman (57) explore some of their political differences, explore the meaning they find in raising children and trade notes on the difficulties of public interaction in their professions.

Leona Mermelstein Biro Early Memories

Leona sharing childhood memories of when she was born, siblings and family business.

Ryan White and Valerie White

Spouses Ryan White (38) and Valerie White (38) share a conversation about their marriage, deciding to have children, and finding out that Valerie was pregnant with twins.

Michal Yadlin and Katharine Rawlins

Friends Michal Yadlin (37) and Katharine Rawlins (37) share a conversation about how they first met, their families, and some of the serendipitous things they have in common. Michal also talks about her family’s history in Israel, and Katharine talks...

Thanksgiving Day chat 2018 with Helen Kuncio Bauman, 89 years young.

Helen Bauman, born of Ukrainian immigrants in 1929 recounts life as a child of the Depression while growing up on a farm in Macungie, PA. She also remembers key moments in history such as her feelings during WWII and the...