My Father's Migration Journey

Tomas Camacho (53) talks with his daughter, Isabel Camacho (22) about his migration journey to the United States from Mexico and his experience in a new country.

Asal Amiri and Mikaila Flagg

Friends, Asal Amiri (18) and Mikaila Flagg (20), talk about Asal's migration journey to the United States and the challenges that followed.

Maribeth Rivera (45) on 2017's Hurricane Maria and its Immediate Impact on Her Life

In this section of our interview, Maribeth talks about her experience during and immediately after the most devastating hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in 100 years, which precipitated her move away from her family and friends to the mainland.

Triunfando en la Adversidad: La Inspiradora Historia de Yolieny, Inmigrante Profesional en Puerto Rico USA.

Yolieny (44 años), nos narra su travesía migratoria desde la partida de su tierra natal Republica Dominicana, La entrevista con Yolieny, una inmigrante profesional que llega a Puerto Rico territorio de los Estados Unidos, revela sus desafíos al intentar ejercer...

Hawu Juhye Lim and Yuchen Chang

Friends Hawu Juhye Lim (34) and Yuchen Chang (34) ask each other about family, home, and living in New York after leaving their places of origin.

Monserrat Macias Moreno and Jacqueline Jaramillo

Monserrat Macias Moreno (29) speaks with her friend and mentor Jacqueline "Jackie" Jaramillo (72) about their identity as Latinas, their family histories, and their hopes for the Latino population in the United States.

Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia: The Immigrant Experience

my parents, Laura Trucios and Cesar Heredia share their story about what it’s like being an immigrant in the United States. They mention the reasons of their departure, their mental struggles, some of the dangers and the political science behind...

Crystal Sandoval and Gabby Munoz

Las amigas Crystal Sandoval (35) y Gabby Munoz (36) hablan de cómo se conocieron, sus vidas en la frontera, su trabajo de brindar servicios legales a inmigrantes y refugiados, y su amistad. [Friends Crystal Sandoval (35) and Gabby Munoz (36)...

Adria Dunn and Irene Dunn

Daughter and mother Adria Dunn (52) and Dr. Irene Dunn (74) discuss their family history, legacy, and Irene's decision to join the Army Reserve.

Amada Matei and Joseph Ernst

One Small Step Partners Amada Matei (48) and Joseph "Joey" Ernst (40) discuss their backgrounds, livelihoods, interests, and political identities. They reflect on their shared value of curiosity and consider past experiences connecting across political differences.