Interview with 82nd Airborne Vietnam Vet

The interview consisted of stories about his service in basic training. While the war ended before he could go over, he went through basic training and then jump school to join the 82nd Airborne.

Life Aboard the USS Ticonderoga During Vietnam

I talk to my Grandfather about his life as a electrician on a US navy ship during Vietnam

The Life and Family History of Dennis Keating

In this interview, conducted December 2nd 2018 in Plano, Tx, Claire Keating (16) interviews her grandfather (75) about his childhood, time at war in Vietnam, lessons learned as a father and husband, and family history. He describes his feeling of...

Donna and George Williams discuss their lives and marriage

In this interview, Donna and George Williams tell Sarah Beth Corona about their lives as Americans during events such as the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, and President Kennedy’s assassination. The two have been married for 51 years and...