William Lovett and Claudia Kell

One Small Step partners William Lovett (32) and Claudia Kell (72) talk about their shared connection to Dayton, Ohio, how immigrants should be welcomed into the United States, and the need to take the vitriol out of political conversations.

Becca Werginz and Fred Keller

Becca Werginz (26) chats with Fred Keller (90) about his wife, June, who passed away after 65 years of marriage on October 15, 2021, as well as his time in the military police.

Josh Pond and Aidan Pond

Aidan Pond (23) interviews his father, Josh Pond (50), about his upbringing, military service in the Marine Corps, and how that experience impacts him 20 years later.

Ellie Savino learns more about her grandparents lives

Ellie Savino interviews her grandparents, Bill and Connie Smith. Ellie is recording from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey and Bill and Connie are recording from Lakeland Florida. Ellie asks them many questions that she has always been curious about, such...

Interview with my dad

This is an interview between me and my dad. He talks about his 10 year experience in the military and goes in depth with his favorite and least favorite memories, the different roles he played, and the living conditions of...

US Service in the Military

We talked about his experience in the United States Military. Cover picture is my grandfather with his sword.