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Eric James Brown II: His Short Story

I decided to interview Eric, who is my fiancé’s college best friend. He us truly an amazing, driven, and successful human being. This interview could’ve went on forever!


We talked about his life and how he thinks about other things and you know all around stuff

Interview with Corey Tipton

Talk with Corey about life growing up in Milwaukee and pursuing pastoral ministry at MLC.

My mom goes to Milwaukee

The interview was all about immigration and how it was a great impact and my mom just basically talked about immigration

Susana goes to the U.S.

We talked about why my mom moved to the U.S. and what she went through

"I saw an educational need for a developmental understanding of the child."

Tricia DuSaint, a pioneer of Waldorf Education in Wisconsin speaks about her involvement in founding a Waldorf school and growing the movement.