My Mom’s Story

My mom talks about her life in Vietnam and how it changed when she immigrated to the U.S. Q1: When and where were you born? A1: I am born in Quang Ngai, Tra Khuc River. Q2: What was life like...

The Story Of My Mom’s Life

My mom talks about her childhood and my similarities to her. She also talks about her thoughts and moments that were important and memorable to her. In addition to this she expresses what she wants for her children and herself...

Growing up during the Vietnam War as young girl

This is my mom talking about what she went through as a student/kid during the Vietnam War in the south, what changed for her as the Viet Cong had won, and the struggles her family had gone through post Vietnam...

The Story Of My Dad’s Life

My dad talks about his life as a child and his experiences throughout life overall including his migration to America. Also, he talks about what I was like as a child and what he would like in the future.

Growing up as a child during the Vietnam War

This is my dad talking about what his life was like from his earliest childhood memories of his family and what it was like during the Vietnam war as a kid.

Interview with my dad

This is an interview with my dad about his marriage. He describes how his relationship with my mom came to be.

Interview with my mom

This is an interview with my mom about her immigrant story. My mom talks about her life before and after moving to the United States.

Mrs. Melrose

In this interview, I talked to my AVID teacher about her life.