Zachary Neal and Traci Neal

Spouses Traci Neal (35) and Zachary Neal (32) discuss how they met, the importance of writing in Traci's life, and her diagnosis with autism and ADHD.

Myron Douglas and Michael Patterson

One Small Step partners Myron Douglas (66) and Michael Patterson (67) discuss New Orleans, the difference between faith and religion, and why rural areas deserve more respect.

Ottie James and Franchesca Peña

Ottie James (31) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña (27) about his life as a performance artist, reflecting on his relationship to spirituality, his role as a father, and the biggest influences on his life and work.

Maye Torres and Ana Beluche

Friends Maye Torres (62) and Ana Beluche (77) discuss Taos, New Mexico, art, and the many forms healing can take.

Family Chat With Gram

In this interview Skylar High(16) and her grandmother, Susan High(82), discuss honorability, love, and always trusting yourself. Even in difficult time it is imperative to hold on to hope and even in bleak times there are still kind people in...

Robert T. Melvin and Manuela Velasquez

Robert T. Melvin (45) has a conversation with his new friend and conversation buddy Manuela Velasquez (23) about his upbringing, lessons from his grandfather, growing up in Houston, Texas, and the miracles of his life and career. He also talks...

Mary McLane and Honorable Greg Saldivar

Colleagues Mary McLane [no age given] and the Hon. Greg Saldivar (69) talk about faith, spirituality, and Greg's journey to sobriety. They reflect on Catholicism and on what Santa Clara University has meant to them.

Jackie Maugh Robinson and Judy Shine Logan

Friends Judy Shine Logan (75) and Jackie Maugh Robinson (74) reflect on writing, life experiences, and their friendship.

Gail Sara Weinflash and Clifton Holt Jolley

Gail Sara Weinflash (64) interviews her husband, Clifton Holt Jolley (77), about his experience being hospitalized polio as a child, how his polio impacted his family, personality, and perspective, and the post-polio syndrome that he lives with today.