Daniel Takashima and Laural Takashima

Daniel Takashima (22) and his mother, Laural Takashima (60), discuss life experiences, culture shock, and family.

Teri Mott and Krista Anderson

One Small Step partners Teri Mott (61) and Krista Anderson (61) talk about their personal political values, the issues that have become personal to them, and their experiences with religion.

Missionary Priest – Paulist Fr. Charlie Brunick

Paulist Fr. Charlie Brunick recently celebrated the 52nd anniversary of his ordination as a #priest. In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, he shares details about this early life, vocation story, priesthood and service as a "#Missionary to Main Street." To...

Anna F and Eric Nashbar

One Small Step partners Anna F (26) and Eric Nashbar (54) discuss their upbringing, their thoughts on work culture, and their religious identities.

Kathleen Petrie and Meredeth Roberts

Meredeth Petrie Roberts (47) interviews her mother, Kathleen Petrie [no age given], about her childhood, her missionary work in Africa, and her memories of her late husband, Colin.

Tal Sims and Roger Godwin

One Small Step partners Tal Sims (56) and Roger Godwin [no age given] discuss their experiences abroad and how it affects their view of the United States government and politics. Tal talks about his experience in the US Navy and...

Lizzy interviewing her grandma about about her life and her childhood

Lizzy asks her grandma all sorts of questions about her life and her family. Grandma Weber describes growing up herself and raising her own kids.

From Colombia to the United States and Beyond

JuanDa shares his story about growing up in Colombia and coming to the United States. He also shares his faith story and his goals as a future pastor.