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Brian Ingram and Noelle Sorensen

One Small Step partners Brian Ingram (42) and Noelle Sorenson (53) share a candid conversation about how their personal experiences with racism, the military, and deaf community impacted their points of view in the world.

Anita Rodriguez and Naomi Love

Anita Rodriguez (82) shares the stories of her life with her conversation partner Naomi Love (27), reflecting on age, art, and her activism. Anita also speaks about the dynamics of race, racism, and culture, particularly through the lens of growing...

Christina McCann and Grace McCann

Christina McCann (24) shares a conversation with their mother, Grace McCann (42), about their mixed race identity, what it means to be Asian American, and the importance of preserving heritage and challenging racial stereotyping.

Jamie Moore and Theresa Davis

Jamie Moore (31) and her mother Theresa Davis (47) talk about Theresa's experience as the white mother of seven Black children. They talk about attending a Black Baptist church in Sonoma county but being excluded due to Theresa's outsiderness as...