My Mom

about my mom and what she knows about my childhood

History Recording

An interview with my mom about my early life and her life

Interview with my mom

I ask my mom brief questions about her race and ethnicity and what it means to be part of her community.

Maria Salas Interview

Mother and daughter Maria Salas (47) and Daniela Rodriguez (17) speak about her mothers journey through life. They touch on the mothers immigrant story and how she felt getting to America.

StoryCorps Interview Project – Kayla Provini || Interview with my Mom

In this interview, I (Kayla Provini, 14) interview my mom (Christina, 42). Throughout this video, I ask my mom questions about her personal experiences and memories from her life.

Interview with Mom

I (19F) talked with my Mom, Melissa (54F) about a variety of topics from childhood memories, parent relationships, and what it was like raising me and my sisters.

Jessica LaRocco 4/22/23

This is an interview with my Mom in my hometown

My mami

This interview is about my mami and asking her a few questions of her life. She isn’t the most social person but she told me new things of who she is.

60s Mom

Phyllis Kouns talks about living through the 60s. She mentions the shock over the several assassinations that happened during this time and how she was able to hear all about it through the news. She also mentions working during this...