An interview with my dad about life, ambition, and balance.

I interview my dad about his personal life: his beliefs, role models, and his decisions in life that have led him to become who he is today. These topics are facilitated via the talk of money, happiness, and success.

Parent Interview

Talked about the ways you budget money. The tips I may needed to know.

Money Management Interview ft. My mother

We talked about budgeting and how to properly save money along with a personal question at the end.

Money management

How to properly manage money and it’s effects on life.

Parent interview

Parent interview on personal finance

Final Interview

I interview my mom about her financial goals and how she’s saves her money.

Selenne Zarate talks with her grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her life experiences. This included both details from when she lived in Mexico and now that she is in America.

Part 3

Man looks for a better life

Psychology p5

My grandma when she was small was devastated because of the poorest with traumatic stress