Kaitlyn Calland and Joe Calabrese

Joe Calabrese talks with his great-niece Kaitlyn Calland about his past jobs and education and some lessons that he has to share.

Katrina Winkler’s service learning project.

Me and my grandmother talked about her life growing up, big purchases she made, and how she handled her money.

Trusted adult interview

During the interview I was asked about financial goals and was also asked to give hints and advice for the future.

Parent Interview

How to manage money, and what to do for managing it.

Learning computer lingo

I talked to Dyllan about the process of getting into to building computers. He went into how he starting building and price ranges for products.

Phoebe Stapleton and Russ Sukhia- interview about success

Phoebe Stapleton (me) interviews her grandfather who was a pastor for years about his perspective on success and how our culture views it.