Interview with Makeena Davis about Moving Away.

In this interview we talked about how Makeena felt about her life so far. We also talked about how she felt about moving away to college.

Lymon Sanderson and Robert McCord

Best friends Lymon Sanderson (51) and Robert McCord (56) share a conversation about their experiences with addiction, homelessness, recovery, and finding homes. They also discuss the roles family, friendship, and God play in their lives.

Leslie Harris and Angeline Presley

Angeline "Angie" Presley (40) interviews her father, Leslie "Les" Harris (64), about the injuries and infections that have permanently affected his body, as well as about how he consistently maintains a positive attitude in the face of challenges.

Charles Smoke and Jerome Shannon

Jerome Shannon (66) and his husband, Charles Smoke (69), sit down for a conversation about moving from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL, the organizations that they are involved with in Pensacola, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives...

Final Exam -Sophia Robledo

The interview with Irene about her difficult times in life and good times and how it’s pushed her to do better. The lessons that were learned that pushed her into a successful future.

Life of Grandpa

My grandpa, Jim Tomaszewski, talks on a variety of topics. He mentioned he had a pet squirrel at one point. He later said the squirrel's name was Oskar.

The Move

I interviewed my grandparents about their move from Philadelphia to Lindenhurst NY. They talked about their life in Philly, how the move was to Long Island. Talked about hope and money and how family is the most important thing.